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Tom Crook  
Posted : Sunday, 6 March 2016 1:09:18 PM(UTC)
Tom Crook

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Hey all
This is my formal introductory post with a few questions tagged on the end just for good measure
So my name is Tom
I live in Hamilton but from Wellington
Work in Demolition
I have an over inquisitive dog
Have found a few random coins from exotic places at work but really want to chase our own heritage in our back yard

Question time
1) best/ fastest way of valuing coins in Hamilton without shelling out more than they are worth?
2) Ideal places to start swinging a coil for a total beginner interested solely in coins?
- reason being I know I will have trouble sticking at this if I'm harassed by locals or spending all day digging up last years bottle caps, even if they are a natural by-find.

Cheers all and Happy Hunting
Tom - the Magpie
Posted : Sunday, 6 March 2016 1:35:56 PM(UTC)

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Hi Tom, worked in demolition for years and found hundreds and hundreds of coins over the years, also wads of notes stashed away. a firearm, lots of bottles and lots of other good stuff. Those were the days of pulling it all down by hand and salvaging everything for resale. loved it and always go over old demolition sites nowdays if i can and still pick up the odd coin from them, always good just after a rain as the rain washs the soil and dust off them. Have just started going over some with a detector but always lots of lead head nails on them which makes it hard, but you never know whats going to come up next. Good luck with detecting, Gary
Posted : Tuesday, 8 March 2016 8:21:34 AM(UTC)

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Gday Tom
Good place to start detecting would be your local beach. Big open space, easy digging.
Good luck out there and happy hunting.
Garrett Ace 350