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The Hatter  
Posted : Saturday, 16 July 2016 3:55:13 PM(UTC)
The Hatter

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Hi All

Just me again.

And I bet the Gold Police are members on here, that's a common occurrence these days. The Green Fraternity in the US have the various Gold Forums well infiltrated. Beware there is evil among us lol. Not much we can do about it. We don't and will never know who they are.
None of us give anything away, anyway. But next week I will be up Dougherty Creek, South Westland, with my Four inch Stealth Dredge. I should be easy to find, I have to blow some rather large boulders and fell a few prime Rimu tree's to access the four ounce a day ground I have discovered. I fear DOC will not grant me access as it is in a thing called a ' National Park". I drive a Blue Toyoata Landcruiser, and the number plate starts with "ET" . Now thats enough clues Mr Gold Police. Bring me some lunch and something to drink, please.

Cheers " The Renegade"
PS. I did three seasons with the Hilstrand Brothers on " The Time Bandit" They taught me well. It wasn't called the Bandit for nothing.
Got lotsa Crab, now its gold I am into. Well now there is another clue for you.
Posted : Saturday, 16 July 2016 9:01:53 PM(UTC)

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Id be keen on joining you over in south westland hatter but il be to busy in deep creek I managed to bulldoze a small track in the upper reaches before the snow came in so now I can back the 6" straight in off the trailer..good luck
Posted : Sunday, 17 July 2016 1:51:59 AM(UTC)

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Yes Hatter, the fish and ship shop analogy is a good one. A bureaucrat or politician though would never understand, they have no understanding of commerce. They have only ever shuffled paper and used the system to advance themselves. Their money was earned by someone else, paid unwillingly to the government from an ever increasing array of ever increasing taxes. They never produced a single thing in their lives, most productive people would hold them in contempt.
They think the working/commercial sectors are an unlimited source of funds to satisfy their ever expanding appetite for other peoples money. They will keep adding taxes, fees, licences, permits, tariffs - call them what you will - raising them all, loading up the economy again and again, and then borrowing way beyond our capacity to ever repay. Straw after straw onto the poor old camels back until it either collapses, or gets angry and starts bucking off the load, and kicking the loaders.
Just look at the way Solid Energy was run by these types. It's many years of huge income were plowed into stupid, worthless projects and dumb ideas by these idiots. The bureaucrat who has been promoted a few times somehow forms the belief that they have some commercial abilities. Look how successful they have been to get promoted, ergo they must know what they are doing "yeah right". Just as Hitler thought he was a master military tactician, politicians/bureaucrats capacity for self delusion is endless. If as usual it all turns to shit - it wasn't their money anyway, they still have their massive salaries, golden handshakes and fabulous pensions to fall back on. Guess whose money it was that they lost, yep the taxpayer.
What does one do? I guess heading down to that creek you mentioned could be good ( I just hope no "poor bastid" is actually already doing something down there lol).
Gold Stamp X  
Posted : Friday, 22 July 2016 7:58:58 AM(UTC)
Gold Stamp X

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So this is my letter. Feel free to copy and paste if you agree and send it in for your Voice to be heard. I have not sent it yet so if you want to add anything feel free to let me know. And sorry to anyone with a 6in or bigger. I am sure you are making money so you can probably afford it more then the others.

Question 1
Do you agree that raising fees is reasonable given the cost of administering the Crown minerals permitting regime currently exceeds the amount recovered from permit holders?

I do not agree that raising the fee for certain permit holders will be a good way to recover costs associated to ALL mineral and Petroleum fees. I feel that certain mining operations should be paying more for there fees then others. Mining permit holders that are exclusively using suction dredges under 6 inch’s should not have a change in there fees. Most have mineral claims that are smaller then 50 sqkm. Most dredging claims have a limit of only being able to operate from November 1st Until April 30th, which should mean that people operating on that type of permit should only have to pay half a years fees, or 2 payments that equal half a years fees. It is unreasonable to expect someone who is by law, limited to only half a season, to pay for a whole seasons fees. The large and international company’s should be paying higher fees, as they are making incredible amounts of money compared to small scale miners and suctions dredgers. Most small scale miners are hardly recovering there cost at the end of the year, and increasing there fees would put most out of business, Increasing the costs of running the Mineral Permits for the few Large company’s remaining.

Option 1 fee settings for petroleum permitting

Question 2
Do you agree with the petroleum fee settings under option 1? Why/why not? N/A

Question 3
What impact would the petroleum fee settings under option 1 have on your business? N/A

Option 1 fee settings for minerals permitting

Question 4
Do you agree with the minerals fee settings under option 1? Why/why not?

I do not agree with the fee setting for option 1. I do agree with it more then option 2. I agree that some permit holders will have to pay more for the permits, but I do not feel that increasing small scale mining permit fees will help to recover costs. It is my opinion that small scale miners pay there fair share towards there costs associated with the paper work involved in the process to have the mineral permit active. It is also the small scale miner who is mostly out there doing it as a hobby, and with the increase in fees, most will give up on there hobby and that will leave you with even less revenue coming in to cover costs. Looking at your break downs of where the money is being lost, all the fees for Mining, Explorations, and Prospecting are making money in option 1. If you were to only raise fees for Mining by $200 per permit it would recover all costs associated with Mining permits. It must be all the paper work involved in the applications and work hours that is causing you to lose money. With people surrendering there claims taking 3rd place in annual losses. So by raising fees, do you expect that loss to increase or decrease?

Question 5
What impact would the minerals fee settings under option 1 have on your business?

I would have to consider if my hobby that is already costing me money to enjoy, is really worth losing thousands of dollars a year to enjoy.

Option 2 fee settings for petroleum permitting

Question 6
Do you agree with the petroleum fee settings under option 2? Why/why not? N/A

Question 7
What impact would the petroleum fee settings under option 2 have on your business? N/A

Option 2 fee settings for minerals permitting

Question 8
Do you agree with the minerals fee settings under option 2? Why/why not?

I do not agree with Option 2 at all. It is set up so that anyone mining is paying even more to do so, and the activities that are losing the most money are still not even coming close to recovering the costs they involve in there process.
It is possible that by waiting a few more years until mining commodities pick up, that the cost for all this will be recovered and NZPAM will be making money again. Every industry is in financial trouble right now. But most have realized that increasing costs to the consumer will only drive people away and lower there income even more.

Question 9
What impact would the minerals fee settings under option 2 have on your business?

I would surrender my Mining Permit. My money out for fees and permits and this and that would never come close to the money I make from the minerals I recover. Plan and simple. Operating at a substantial loss with no way to recover half of my costs is no way to operate a business.
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